Open Edge Auto Telematics Network

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Future home of quite cool auto telematics exchange.

Open Edge Telematics Network
focused of health, eco environment, education, research and innovation.

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People with creativity and innovation can make a difference for the better.

With the foundation of the Auto Telematics npo-ngo network project everybody involved was perfectly aware that success will only be conceivable if a set of rules is defined to help plot a roadmap for the project. But not only a roadmap is necessary for being successful. It's the people contributing to the project who are forming the critical mass to get the project up and running, who are giving their time and their intellectual genius, who are spreading the word of the project and the products to the private and corporate users, who are evangelizing our goals to the global computer community.

Mamadomia Open Edge NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation

Mamadomia Foundation Network

Mamadomia Foundation Commerce

NPO-NGO Open Edge Consortium

AcademyDom Open Edge Education Network

GoodIYI Open Exchange Network

HealingDom Health And Wellness Network

Green Environment Network

GoldICT Telematics Network

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